Our Escape Rooms

Moonshine Mayhem

Step back to the 1920s in “Moonshine Mayhem,” where you must outwit federal agents to save Smokey Joe’s legendary moonshine recipe. Hidden within his Appalachian shack, you’ll navigate clever puzzles and secret compartments under the looming threat of a raid. With just 60 minutes, gather your team to preserve the legacy of Appalachia’s most infamous bootlegger. Can you escape with the recipe and destroy the evidence before time runs out?

Old Butler: The Last Hour

Step back to December 1, 1948, in the town of Butler, TN, just moments before it’s submerged by the TVA. In “Old Butler,” you’re in a race against time to unearth a hidden deed that will save a cherished plot of land from a greedy businessman’s clutches. As the waters rise, solve puzzles, decode historical documents, and navigate the basement of the soon-to-be-flooded town library. Can you find the deed and protect the legacy of the Butler Valley Home for Children before the town is lost beneath the lake?

Whitestone Mine: The Forgotten Claim

Delve into the depths of history at Whitestone Mine in Shalebrook, once a bustling hub for coal miners. In “The Forgotten Claim,” set in 1978, your team uncovers a hidden section of the mine revealed by recent storms. Tasked by Alex Carter, whose family’s legacy lies buried within, you must navigate through long-forgotten tunnels, solve puzzles left by miners of yesteryear, and locate a legendary seam of pure anthracite coal. With only an hour before seismic shifts seal the mine forever, can you unearth the secrets and secure Shalebrook’s future?