Old Butler: The Last Hour

Step back in time to December 1, 1948, in the heart of Tennessee, where the quaint town of Butler is on the brink of vanishing beneath the waters of a new reservoir. In “Old Butler: The Last Hour,” you and your team are thrust into a race against time to save a vital piece of the town’s heritage before it’s lost forever.

The escape is set in the basement of the historic Butler Library, a repository of the town’s most guarded documents and secrets. With the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) set to flood the town within an hour, the pressure mounts as you sift through clues intertwined with Butler’s rich history.

Local activist Grace Underwood has uncovered a nefarious plot by Harland Mercer, a ruthless timber magnate, who claims ownership over the land housing the beloved Butler Valley Home for Children. Mercer’s intentions are clear: to seize the land for personal gain by exploiting a forged deed. Your mission is to locate the original deed and other critical documents to foil his plans and secure the future of the orphanage.

As the clock ticks down, you’ll decode cryptic maps, solve complex puzzles, and unravel a tangled web of greed and deceit. The room is filled with authentic period props and atmospheric touches that transport you to 1948, offering an immersive glimpse into a pivotal moment in Butler’s history.

“Old Butler: The Last Hour” challenges your problem-solving skills, teamwork, and ability to work under pressure. This escape room is not just a test of intellect but also a heartfelt quest to preserve a legacy of kindness and community spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

Join us at Mountain Mystery Escapes for a thrilling escape room experience where history, mystery, and heroism meet. Can you save the Butler Valley Home for Children before it’s too late? Your adventure awaits!

Time Limit: 60 minutes
Team Size: 2-6 players
Difficulty Level: TBD